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  • On site, 7 days a week in the main season we have a privately ran food van 'Angie's Kafe'. Angie offers a variety of hot and cold food and drink. 

  • Menus available on most pegs or orders can be taken at the van. You can view Angie's menu on her facebook page - search for Angie's Kafe.

  • There is a shower on site and 2 x toilets in peak season. 

  • There is a sink for hand washing. Please bring your own soap / sanitiser / wipes.

  • Double swims on main lake have use of a picnic bench.

  • Terminal tackle, plus a range of main gear, batteries and bait available from Angie's supply store throughout the day.

  • No live baiting

  • All particles must be soaked and cooked properly

  • No nuts allowed under any circumstances.

  • No throwing large amounts of bait into either lake in any one session.

  • Bait boats allowed but must be used responsibly and kept to own waters.

  • Dead baits can only be used if purchased from a licensed supplier.

  • No hallibut pellets allowed or any high oil content pellets

  • All 24 hour sessions are 8am to 8am unless specifically agreed with us otherwise.

  • Your 24 hour session does not start from the time you arrive.

  • On some days you can book a day session so your leave time can be extended up until the gates close on the evening.

  • All bookings to be made on this website or over the phone.

  • Guests can be added on your booking, this option is added as you go through the booking form. You can also purchase a guest pass for the day or overnight from our Day Session tab.

  • WHOLE LAKE BOOKINGS can be considered and accommodated whether for a corporate event or a social event - please call or email to inquire.

  • Checks carried out throughout the day

  • No driving on the grass when wet

  • No driving around the lake to unload your gear.

  • No driving around when dark

  • No climbing trees

  • No use of drones

  • No rods to be left unattended 

  • 15lb minimum line for use in main lake.

  • 12lb minimum line for use in small lake.

  • No fish to be sacked.

  • Landing nets must be minimum size of 42" on main lake

  • Cradles required for each lake.

  • No keepnets to be used on main lake.

  • Medi-carp or equivalent must be used to treat hook holes and any other cuts on fish.

  • Permanent fixed leads / rigs are not permitted.

  • No eagle claw hooks or long shanks allowed.

  • Barbed hooks (max. size 4) on the main lake

  • Barbless hooks on small lake.

  • Removal, transferring, killing, or eating of fish forbidden.

  • All fish to be returned to lakes unharmed.

  • Saving of pegs is not allowed.

  • Specific pegs cannot be booked - chosen on arrival.

  • No swimming, fires, drugs or excessive alcohol to be consumed.

  • No shooting allowed.

  • Make sure your nets are dry in use of either lake.

  • This is privately owned fishery - please keep noise and light levels to minimum.

  • We will ask you to leave the fishery if there is any threatening, abusive behaviour, rudeness or disrespectfulness to any member of our staff.

  • Please take your litter home.

  • Swangey Lakes accept no responsibility for theft or damage to personal property.


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